Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lightning Love

On Lightning Love’s debut disc, November Birthday, the Ypsilanti-based band combine sweet, childish sounds with themes about growing up and growing pains. This subject is laid bare right at the beginning on opener on “Work Today”, when singer Leah Diehl, accompanied only by some lonely keyboards, dreads the thought of going to work and admits she still needs someone to pick up after her. The song seamlessly blends into a slice of bouncy bubble-gum called “Everyone I Know”, where she lampoons the boring adults around her for all being “no good at nothing at all”. It’d be almost Holden Caulfield-esque if Diehl weren’t so likeable. A couple songs are even boosted by some cello and accordion accompaniment. November Birthday isn’t all adulthood resistance, however. Despite the backlash at the record’s beginning, when Diehl sings about staying out late and smoking cigarettes on “I Think We’re Alright” you almost wonder if you should call her parents and tell on her– that is, if the way she sang it didn’t make it sound so fun.



oh wow, they are good!
i love this blog

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