Friday, January 30, 2009


The first few seconds of one of Civalias' songs were enough for me to know that I would like his music. His debut EP even made it to my favorites of last year. Since I have not featured him decently yet, i'll do it tonight. So be wise and spend a few minutes to listen to this talented singer-songwriter that definitely deserves more recognition than he's getting right now!
Hailing from Southern California, Civalias is the project brainchild of 23 year-old Adam Stidham. Conjuring influences such as Aqualung, Coldplay, and Radiohead, the infectiously melodic sounds of Civalias are both engaging and visually enticing. The young songwriter who began his journey in music by playing guitar in his teens soon found that music became a form of therapy. "I found an undeniable peace and calmness in making music. It was me at my most genuine." It is this vulnerability and honesty that makes Civalias special, attracting a contingent of fans who are seeking not only a uniquely refreshing sound, but the emotional substance to back it up.



Wow, thanks for introducing this guy! I listened to the mp3s and just bought his EP off of itunes. Great stuff.


What is about the first few seconds? I as well heard them and knew I would like it. I guess we just got it like that. Check out my blog, if you like it link to it. You've got one on mine.
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It doesn't work :( the links both say that access is not granted..

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It's fixed.
Sorry something was wrong with the folders.


It still doesn't work. :( Is it just me?


someone please tell me there is an amazing studio-like-quality .mp3 of his cover of Starlight by the Muse. Because that would be awesome!!!!


just listening to these two songs, he sounds great. i'm going to go look at his album on itunes. :) thanks for sharing


Hey Civalias, isn't it a bit too soon to rip off the Coldplay sound? I mean they are still active. Try to come up with a sound of your own.

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