Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hannah Georgas

Hannah Georgas is a quirky, highly-sensitive, whimsical, and yet extremely serious Vancouver-based singer/ songwriter who will one day win over Jack Black and take his hand in marriage. Born and raised in one of the many suburbs of the T-Dot, she wrote her first song on the piano at the age of 5. In her formative years, inspired by late night summer jam sessions around camp fires Hannah chose the guitar as her primary instrument, and constant companion.
Influenced by a broad scope of musical talent - from Billy Corgan and his melancholy lyrics to Janet Jackson and her strong sexual desires - Hannah developed her own style, which she continues to fascinate audiences with. She has played a range of Canadian venues, from local cafes in Victoria to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and drawn a steady fan-base along the way. Hannah recently won The Music BC Songbird West Singer/Songwriter Competition for 2008 and her debut EP "The Beat Stuff" is due for nation-wide release early in the new year. Hannah opens up her heart and soul with her music and seizes those pure moments you only wish you could describe. Her memorable songs will captivate your heart, put a smile on your face, and a tap in your toe.

@ Vancouver, Canada
♫ Indie, Pop, Alternative
♥ All I Need (mp3)
♥ The National (mp3)
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great rave, foto etc. but the downloads don't work..?

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fixed! ;)*


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This sounds very good! :) Some nice songs from Hannah.

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