Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Free Music: Alex Winston

Just in time for Christmas, here's a little present from LMLI (in fact it's from Alex ;-) ) It's an FREE EP of Alex Winston. While it’s a great accomplishment to play a single instrument well, it’s a truly rare gift to play many perfectly. With The Basement Covers EP, singer Alex Winston proves she is one of the exceptional few. Classically trained in opera and bred on musical Americana, Winston’s truly unique and refreshing sound, comparable to innovative musicians Lykke Li and Kate Nash, thrives on her self-recorded EP. The beautiful Detroit- native remarkably played each instrument—guitar, piano, drums—on the four-song EP which she recorded in her actual home basement. But for now you can freely download the EP HERE it features versions of songs by Mumford & Sons, the Rolling Stones and Jack Peñate, as well as by Teddy Bears and Francis and the Lights.

@ Detroit, USA
♫ Indie, Pop


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