Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas [Part II]

Sorry for the delay, but here's some additional great christmas music! If I've missed some great releases, I'm sure I have, just post it in a comment!


December 2010 EP
The Innocence Mission
♫ In the Bleak Midwinter (mp3)
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How To Throw A Christmas Party
Brown Feather Sparrow
♫ Let Us Come Together (mp3)
♫ December Radio (mp3)
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I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun
Beach House
♫ I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun (mp3)
Snow Angels
Over the Rhine
♫ Darlin' (Christmas is Coming) (mp3)
♫ All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue (mp3)
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Music For Winter: Volume 2
Dogs on Tour
♫ Jingle Bells (mp3)
♫ Santa Claus, Where Is He (mp3)
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Tracks in the Snow
The Civil Wars
♫ Tracks in the Snow (mp3)
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All I Want is the Truth (For Christmas)
The Mynabirds
♫ All I Want is the Truth (For Chrismas) (mp3)
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Merry Christmas!!



Oh, awesome! The Innocence Mission is one of my favourites. I didn't know they recorded a Christmas EP. :)


I was thrilled about the Innocence Mission too! All of these are really good-The Mynabirds song will be a new one on my favorites list as well!

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