Saturday, December 4, 2010

Field Mouse

Two years ago, I played Rachel Browne's selftitled solo debut EP quite often, now she's back with Field Mouse. Field Mouse is the music of Rachel Browne and collaborator Andrew Futral. Their debut album, entitled You Are Here, is a modern collection of melodic, lush pop sensibilities filtered through dreamy reverb, paired with sincere reflective songwriting. Rachel also cites childhood car rides with her mother listening to the Talking Heads and The Clash during her years growing up in New England as musical influences. Starting from the garage as most musicians do, Rachel cut her teeth in several bands since the age of 13 and continued throughout high school and college. She decided to get a formal education in music, attending the music conservatory at Purchase College, where she met and began working with Andrew. It’s been non-stop collaboration since, with musicians such as Toby Goodshank, Arms and Legs, Kyle Gilbride, Apse, Gregory & the Hawk, and Kiss Kiss to name a few. Most recently, Field Mouse have formed a solid lineup including Allison Weiss on bass and Geoff Lewit on drums, and plan to tour in support of You Are Here.

UPDATE: You can even download their album for FREE, just for a tweet: click

@ New York, USA
♫ Indie, Rock, Pop



So, I'm listening to the full album now... and I think I have a new favourite band. =D


wow. Amazing.


I literally love this!


Thank you sooooooooo much for this band! xD


Love it!

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