Friday, December 10, 2010

Melodica, Melody and Me

Sometimes, submissions in my mailbox immediately convince to be featured on LMLI. Today’s feature is one of those submissions I, unfortunately found way too late partly caused by my temporary hiatus this summer, is Melodica, Melody and Me, shortly MMM. Their catchy but o so beautiful folksongs dragged me in right from the first seconds of their “Piece Me Back Together EP”. When checking their profiles on the internet, I discovered they’ve found quite a following in the two years they’ve played so far. But it wasn’t always so. All six members of MMM went to Graveney school in South London and lived in nearby Brixton. They use to meet up in Rudi’s attic to smoke weed and play guitars. Quiet, introverted, it was a way for them to communicate without having to talk. During this period they wrote some of their most beautiful songs. Delicate, heartbreaking folk ballads about the first throes of love. But the bands nervousness towards the outside world meant the songs might never have left that room. Two things happened that changed both their sound and their confidence. First, the few songs they chucked on Myspace gained an immediate cult following. Second they started to blend their Bert Jansch and Bob Dylan folk influences with the music they were hearing on the streets of Brixton. Despite their massive and growing following, the band are reluctant to get too drawn in by the machinery of the music industry. They very reluctantly have a twitter account let alone a youtube channel, they aren’t “synchronising content across web platforms”, they’re just writing and playing music. By letting the music speak for itself they’ve commanded a genuine word-of-mouth phenomenon. So don’t miss out, and be a part of it! (even if you like social media like me ;-) )

@ London, UK
♫ Acoustic, Folk


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