Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anna Su

There are many websites where you can listen to and discover music, one of those websites, that I actually started using more and more in the last few months is Bandcamp, and since they added the tags and search function it even got better! One of the discoveries I made on Bandcamp is Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Anna Su. Although there's not much info on her on the net, it's the music that counts right? And she got that part right, on her debut album 'Howling Tree' featuring seven beautiful (I had a very very hard time choosing the tracks for this post, I love all the songs on the album) self written songs Anna Su, combines subtle hints of gypsy jazz with old time folk to create a refreshing new take on a traditional sound, bringing musicians together for the simple joy of making music. Rumor has it that she's already working on a new EP, you definitely won't hear me complain if that turns out to be true.

@ Los Angeles, USA
♫ Acoustic, Folk


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