Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Lane

Although this might be a blog about music, photography is something I love as well. When I discovered Sunday Lane's music and looked at her amazingly beautiful photo page , which I recommend all of you to do right while listening to her songs, those two united. Sunday Lane is a classically trained pianist, who writes articulate lyrics about social injustices in our society, young love, and growing up. Her soulful approach to songwriting expresses the depth of her musicianship. "I am most in my element when my hands are on the keys," says 20-year-old Tulsa native. After receiving critical acclaim in her home state, Sunday Lane decided to pursue the only career path that made sense... music. She is currently attending the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Sunday has been playing some of the most sought after venues in Los Angeles and winning over new fans nationwide. Her debut EP, Bring Me Sunshine, displays her ability to write relatable songs with idiosyncratic phrases. The combination of the gloomy summer photo's, catchy and cheerful tunes and to be called SUNday this can only mean she was destined to bring some us some summer glow into our lingering winter days.

@ Tulsa, USA
♫ Folk, Pop



I love her photos <3
By the way, if you´re interested in photography as well, I have a blog where I feature photographers.. you might like it :)


awesome review!


I have the EP on repeat now! :)

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