Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Narcoleptic Dancers

Although a lot that we receive in the mailbox of LMLI is junk or just the regular mailing-list stuff, we sometimes get nicely surprised by great submissions and recommendations, today's featured duo "The Narcoleptic Dancers is one of those mailbox treasures. In their long and somewhat weird biography  Anton Louis Jr  and Melody Van Kappers get reunited as long lost family and discover one common passion: music. And so, it was as simply, as naturally as this that they would get together as a duo. They took the name “The Narcoleptic Dancers’ in homage to their father. She writes and sings. Anton Louis Jr composes and produces. Their songs are gentle, fresh, light, poetic and energetic, just as they are, on stage and in life. They’re currently working on their first album. It brings together the best of their childhood promise: pop songs and folk ballads, evidently, but not only. There’s also electro-pop and promenades with old-fashioned charm. Their influences range from The Breeders to the Ting Tings, with a little Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, Kate Nash, Atlas Sound, The B52’s and Young Marble Giants in-between. Their first EP 'Not Evident EP' filled with five infectious indie, electro pop songs is on Spotify and for sale in France and the UK. Give it a try, I, at least can't wait for the full album!

@ France/NL
♫ Indie, Pop
♥ Rastakraut (mp3)


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