Monday, January 24, 2011

Anticipated Upcoming Releases [Spring 2011]

Now this new year is already nearing it's second month I decided to put up a list of some anticipated releases for the coming months, it's nowhere near complete, but just chose a random few in no particular order. When possible I've provided free mp3's as sneakpeeks for what's coming.

Katie Costello
February 22

Barton Hollow
The Civil Wars
February 1

Sister Wife
Alex Winston
March 8

Keren Ann
February 28
Towards the Sun
Alexi Murdoch
March 8
Gold in the Shadow
William Fitzsimmons
March 22
The Deep Field
Joan as Police Woman
January 25
The Valley
March 1
Mondo Amore
Nicole Atkins
February 8
Wounded Rhymes
Lykke Li
March 1

Charlatans at the Garden Gate
February 1
Let England Shake
PJ Harvey
February 14

-----UPDATE 29 JANUARY-----

Tell Me
Jessica Lea Mayfield
♫ Our Hearts Are Wrong (mp3)
Feb 8

Propeller versus Wings
Zoey van Goey
February 14
Trent Dabbs
♫ Follow Suit (mp3)
February 22

Feel free to post a comment if you think that there are releases that should be on the list! [remember that this is a SPRING 2011 list, so summer releases will be up another time]



The only album I am anticipating at the moment is "Propeller Versus Wings" by Zoey Van Goey. It's due to be released February 14, I think?
I'm excited - they're one of my favourites. :)


Don't forget Trent Dabbs "Southerner" coming out on February 22nd.

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

Fleet Foxes album "Helplessness Blues" comes out May 3rd!
Noah and the Whale album "Last Night On Earth" comes out March 7th!

I'm super excited about both!

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