Friday, February 6, 2009

Mia Riddle

Ever since I stumbled upon Mia Riddle on MySpace, I've been on the look out for her music Three days ago I got lucky and found it at That immediately made my day, this girl can sing, her voice sometimes reminds me of the Howling Bells (on their debut album) And Tumble and Drag, her latest album is a gem filled with strong and catchy indie pop rock songs. In short; have a look at this "next big thing"!
Born in the West, settled in the East, Brooklyn singer/guitarist Mia Riddle writes songs that are equal parts desert expanse and outer-borough street lamp spirit. Recorded at Williamsburg’s Headgear Studios, producer Rod Sherwood’s basement apartment, and a friend’s pizzeria in Bushwick after hours, Tumble and Drag sounds as good driving up the Pacific Coast Highway as it does huddled by the heater in a tiny apartment, watching the snow pile up outside the window. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly - the music Mia and her six-piece band of transplants make sounds like home.


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