Monday, February 16, 2009

Blake & Kate

Blake & Kate were in the top folk albums at when I discovered them. Really liked the albumart of their debut EP; and actually made me trying their music. I'm glad it did, else I've would've missed the four songs from their nice folky debut EP. If you dig harmonies this is a must!
Blake Mankin resides in Austin, Texas and Kate Pauley calls Malibu, California her home. Blake attends the University of Texas while Kate attends Pepperdine University. Blake and Kate are in a long distance relationship. They have been dating since they went to the same high school in Coppell, Texas. Letters and Words E.P. was recorded over their winter holiday in 2008 with producer and engineer Matt Lucas. The songs were dreamed, developed, and written as a result of their shared passion for not only creating music, but using that music to tell stories of love and to explore the injustices found in society today. What was first conceptualized as a recording meant only to include two vocal tracks and an acoustic guitar transformed into a recording filled with a variety of instruments played by their hometown friends. For now, Blake & Kate plans to play shows in the summertime, on breaks, and during their spontaneous weekend trips to each others' states.

@ Texas & California, USA
♫ Acoustic, Indie, Folk
Without You
Fashion Compassion
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Very beautiful, I love it!


"without you" has the best ending ever


I looooved this! I keep listening to both songs without getting tired.

Thank you for always posting amazing music. I've been following your blog for a while, and there has not been one song I haven't liked. Keep up the awesome work :D


My college daughter had me listen to them on her ipod and I went directly to itunes and downloaded the 4 songs to my itunes account. I love them!!!! It will be awesome to wait for more music from this wonderful duo.


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