Friday, February 13, 2009

Cara Salimando

Cara Salimando was another great young singer-songwriter I found on Myspace. Yeah, again Myspace; where would LMLI be without it? There's not much to say; but to encourage you to listen to this girl's songs.. and the following bio says it all.

Cara has been quietly working away at writing and performing music for almost her whole life. Since she was very young, Cara has always expressed a need to create music; she started as a small child by composing on her little toy piano. To see her standing, at all of 4'11", and then hear Cara’s big voice is almost paradoxical. With a disarming charm and lyrics full of imagery, her warm tone tells stories that we quickly find ourselves in. Cara has deeply immersed herself in music. She dedicates most of her time honing her craft by writing, collaborating with various bands and musicians (mostly with her band the Unlike Birds), attending songwriting circles and college summer songwriting sessions and playing as many coffee houses and bars as possible. Cara’s recorded music ranges from simple moody piano and vocal melodies to elaborate and elegant string productions. With her colorful approach that touches the feelings, Cara’s songs paint pictures of harbor towns, skyscrapers, full moons and bittersweet memories. She draws inspiration from artists such as Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, two artists with which her music is often compared. UPDATE: Cara Salimando signed with Universal Records!

@ New Jersey, USA
♫ Indie, Pop
Anything At All
Cigarette Smoke
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i love this new (for me) young an' aspirin' artist! thanx so much!
luv milli xo

(blogged your article, with all linx intact! ;p


that girl goes to my school
how amazing is that
she sings so beautiful

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