Sunday, February 22, 2009


Credits go to t-mobile for introducing me to Obél's music! T-mobile is following the trend Apple started (don't know for sure who started it) to feature songs from (female) singer-songwriters in their commercials, which proves now once again, is great to discover great new music!
Obél is a Danish singer, songwriter and musician who now lives in Berlin. She began playing the piano as a child, and soon discovered songwriting. In her late teens Obél founded the Copenhagen based band Sohio, together with the Danish musician and producer Elton Theander. The two worked together for several years before going their own way. Nowadays Obél is known for her do-it-yourself attitude towards music making. She writes, plays, sings, records and produces her material. Obél’s debut single “Just So”, that was written and recorded in her bedroom, was chosen for a big T-mobile/T-home campaign. The song was found by MassiveTalent, a division within MassiveMusic that finds talented artists and operates as a direct link between artist and advertising agencies. The Single and videoclip of the song “Just So” will be in store on the 20th of February. At the moment Obél is working on her debut album.

@ Copenhagen, Denmark
♫ Indie, Pop, Acoustic
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Just to say that her official website link as the official name on


do you know you can download one of her title legaly just here :

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