Thursday, February 26, 2009

East Hundred

East Hundred was in the (e)mailbox a few weeks ago, but since I get a lot of mail every day, it took me a while to listen to their music. - Yes, I try to listen to all the music I get emailed about, so keep them coming. - I immediately loved their song Slow Burning Crimes, probably because of Beril's vocals which are a pleasure for the ear.
East Hundred began as a basement recording project in 2004 when brothers Brooke and Will Blair (guitars and drums, respectively) invited Beril Guceri, Brooke’s then-girlfriend, to add vocals to their heavily-synthed downtempo tracks. After recording a few rough demos (which would later become the first EPs), the band sought to solidify its lineup and it was no great surprise when David Sunderland joined on bass. A friend of the Blairs literally since diapers, Sunderland had played in several previous bands with the brothers. Susan Gager, another close friend from Philadelphia, joined on keyboards and East Hundred soon evolved into a songwriting democracy. Nonstop performing honed the groups’ live act and Guceri overcame her crippling anxiety (perhaps too much so, if you catch her on one of her hammier nights.) As work began on Passenger in 2007 at Drexel University’s Mad Dragon studios, Brooke and Beril’s relationship ended. Rather than derail the recording process, however, the resultant heartache and awkwardness produced a flood of new material and what was intended to be a minor EP soon became a full-fledged album. East Hundred comes out of old friendships and failed loves. Their music shores up their relationships…or the relationships feed their music…more likely, it’s a bit of both.



Brooke is the Guitarist, Beril is the singer ;)

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