Sunday, May 3, 2009

Skyler Stonestreet

TV shows prove once again to be a great source for new music. One Tree Hill, for example delivered me some amazing singer-songwriters. Skyler Stonestreet is no exeption. When I heard "My Favorite Song" on OTH, I immediately fell in love with her beautiful vocals in her songs with cheerful guitar and piano parts. Skyler Stonestreet began playing classical piano at the age of seven, and within a few years found a sound and writing style that branched out from her classical roots, and became a sound all her own. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California with influences such as Carole King, James Taylor, Rickie Lee Jones and many more great artists, this young girl with and old soul found a knack for writing captivating and truthful music and began playing local shows which soon brought her to famous clubs such as, The Key Club, The Cat Club, BB King’s , Universal Bar and Grill, El Rey Theater, and many more clubs and coffee houses that allowed her audience to see that every song she wrote and played came from her inspiration and experience. Skyler considers herself a gypsy nowadays. Last fall she went on a tour adventure with Brian Benham. They played in over 18 states, 25 cities, basically lived out of their car, and collected random memories along the way. She's currently recording and getting ready to get back on the road! Skyler likes to write, travel. She does not like liars, wasabi or writing on a chalkboard. Her songs have been featured on several shows like previously mentioned One Tree Hill, The Ex List and Laguna Beach. She is currently recording some new songs, and hopefully we will see her releasing a debut album soon. Until then, you can buy her singles at iTunes.



Great. Thanks for sharing!


Wow .. she looks like the grudge .. well if her face was covered too, she would BE the grudge.. AAAHHH


Just Brilliant music, Thx a lot for sharing !

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