Monday, May 18, 2009

Charlene Soraia

It's been quite a while since I received two of Charlene's EP's in the mail. They unfortunately got lost in all the new music I discover and get all the time. Charlene's is way too talented to go to waste, and I'm glad I recently rediscovered her when I was reorganizing my cd collection. The one that like folky singer-songwriters like Fion Regann should definitely give this talented, mature sounding singer songwriter a try.
Charlene picked up her first guitar at the age of five. She played her first Open Mic night at the age of eight, and was a regular on the Open Mic circuit by the age of ten. Completely self-taught, she won admission to the legendary BRIT School of Performing Arts despite failing to have the minimum requirement of a GCSE in Music. Once at the BRIT School she stopped performing acoustically and started playing in a band called Retrospect. In 2006 she released the ‘Lemonade’ EP, which in its contrasting shades of light and dark set the stage for two very different Charlene Soraias: the girl who likes to pick flowers and run through fields in frilly dresses, and the one who wants to float through the blackest fathoms of space watching planets being born. She restarted her solo performances in 2008. Charlene released her new EP entitled Daffodils & Other Idylls in March and has topped the uk Folk Charts on iTunes. “There are two sides to my music,” she says. “There’s the folky, idyllic side that comes out in songs like ‘Daffodils’ and ‘Lemonade’, and there’s the cosmic night time side, songs like ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Postcards From iO’. She released another EP in 2008 called "Postcards from iO" and recently released her fourth EP "One of the Sun".



Love the tunes. Charlene is great!


This is absolutely marvy! I think I have a new favorite!!!

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