Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Forest & The Trees

Can't remember where and when The Forest & The Trees were introduced to me. All I know is that I recognized their photo on swedesplease, probably stumbled upon their myspace profile a while ago. The fact that the TFTT are from Sweden seems promising enough for these days, and also this time Sweden delivered a taltented orchestra-folk duo. Fans of Loney Dear and folk fans in general should definitely give this duo a try.
The Forest & The Trees are Joel Edin and Linnea Edin. They live in an apartment outside of Stockholm where they sleep, eat and create music. Joel and Linnea started making music together when they were recording a christmas CD-R for their friends. As an alternative to christmas carols, they started The Forest & The Trees a year later. Right now the duo is working on an album which hopefully will be released in the autumn of this year. They consider their music to be influenced by David Bowie, Sufjan Stevens, Martha & Rufus Wainwright, Bob Dylan, Stina Nordenstam, Midlake, Jonathan Safran Foer, Beatles, Västerbotten, Russia, Magnolia, Cocteau Twins, Michel Gondry.

@ Stockholm, Sweden
♫ Alternative, Folk, Pop
♥ Mother (mp3)
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