Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breanne Düren

Have been meaning to write about Breanne earlier. I had been on the look out for her album since I discovered her a while ago through MySpace and heard one of her songs "Black Coffee". In a world of countless emerging musicians, young Minneapolis singer/songwriter Breanne Düren certainly stands out. Her alternative pop style, ornamented with hints of jazz and folk and dressed with profoundly thoughtful lyrics influenced by life, knowledge, regret and faith makes for an exceptionally enjoyable and unique listening experience. With an occasional sweeping cello behind her silky vocals and creative piano parts, twenty-one year old Breanne Düren is bound to surprise and captivate music listeners of all kinds. Tracks like Lenses, Black Coffee and Warm Water making her selftitled debutalbum definitely worth the effort and that can be the first step in a very promising future for this young singer-songwriter.

@ Minneapolis, USA
♫ Alternative, Pop
♥ Black Coffee (mp3)
♥ Lenses (mp3)
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You have to hear her in Owl City...great voice


i know she has a beautiful voice!


i <3 you.

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