Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Woodlands

The Woodlands mailed me two weeks ago, but with all the mail I get every day they unfortunately got a bit lost in the crowd. They would've stayed there if their reminder message, mailed to me yesterday, did not woke me up. With the promising statement that they sounded like some of my folky favorites like Jaymay and Gregory and the Hawk I hurried to their MySpace. After a quick listen I knew I had to feature them, despite my week full of studying for upcoming exams. When first songs of an album sound as good as Woodlands' "Until The Day Dims" you would've done the same. The rest of the album surpassed it's promise with tracks like "Can't We Stay" and "Summerland" the catchiest of the bunch. Hannah's whispering voice combined with subtle guitar and light bells are so beautifully interwoven in the narrative folk songs that they will leave you daydreaming right away.
The Woodlands, a wife and husband indie folk-pop duo, craft songs of lyrical poetry, lush melody and intelligent simplicity. They conjure faraway lands and the longing of lovers with timeless imagery that unearths the shadow of tragedy and the glisten of magical realism. Hannah’s hushed voice conveys both mirth and melancholy, tempered and surrounded by Samuel’s melodic instrumentation. They till the soil of their souls to reap songs and sounds wrapped in a hauntingly sweet hush of wonder. Their 2009 self-released debut album was recorded and produced by Samuel & Hannah in their Portland apartment, true to their intent of capturing intimate songs of simple complexity that sound professionally homemade. The album has been received with both national and international anticipation, and with its release The Woodlands are set to embark as husband, wife and songlings on the voyage forthcoming.

@ Portland, USA
♫ Folk, Indie, Acoustic
♥ Summerland (mp3)
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This is amazing. Should be labeled as dream pop.

Alexandra Fitzmorris

You know, I was really not liking the song until about a minute into it. Although the sound is nice, I didn't really reach into the sound.
But after that, it just worked for me. The layering of her voice is beautiful, and now...its stuck in my head!

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