Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anna Leddra-Chapman

Sometimes, this blog might seem one big advert for MySpace, but I'll have to credit it once again for this awesome singer-songwriter that I found about a year ago. It was than that my PC crashed, and I had to buy a new laptop. While almost everything was saved on my external HDD, I forgot about the amazing demos of Anna. It was only last week that I discovered my old 'demo folder' again. Listening to some of her great demos like Jocelin, Take It Back and A Little Easier made clear that I can't keep this promising singer-songwriter away from you any longer.
While most kids are worrying about how they’re going to get their hands on that new video game at the age of 12, Anna Leddra Chapman picked up one of her dads guitars for the first time and sat down to write her first song. Since that day the young singer songwriter has never looked back. Realising she had a serious knack of capturing genuine emotion in her lyrics, Anna continued to write songs when the mood took her until she had enough quality songs together to get herself into local venues and play them live. With the most beautiful, pure and unique voice, it wasn’t long before she was being asked to play venues all over the country. Frustratingly Anna was still only 14 and confined to a few shows in and around her Essex locale. After a little time being deemed too young for most of the venues she really wanted to play, she finally hit the ripe old age of 15 and began playing bigger local shows with the odd trip to play in London when her parents were available to take her. Already a classically trained flautist, Anna spent as much time as she teaching herself both the piano and keyboards and started producing her own demo’s in a small home-studio at the back of the families garage. With soulful and honest lyrics that come straight from the heart, Anna is truly one of the most gifted young songwriters in Britain today. Now finished with school, Anna is concentrating solely on her music, developing her own unique sound and working with various producers and songwriters on yet more material. Her musical career has only just begun …and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.



absolutely loved this thank for sharing


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