Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Lovell Sisters

Again it's Myspace that delivered me this talented americana trio about a year ago. The Lovell Sisters are an extremely talented trio, consisting of three sisters: Jessica, Megan and Rebecca. It's passion that is the fuel to their writing and arranging, and it colors every note they play and sing on Time To Grow, their forthcoming new album. The Lovell Sisters, who have proven themselves time and again as polished performers, have been praised equally for both their virtuosic playing—Jessica on fiddle, Megan on dobro, Rebecca on guitar and mandolin—and their vibrant vocal harmonizing. With their new album The Lovell Sisters are coming into their own. After their 2005 debut When Forever Rolls Around and 2007 CD/DVD Live At The Philadelphia Folk Festival where they showcased their dynamic musical interaction and interpretive gifts, The Lovell Sisters are emerging as songwriters. Prior to recording their new album, The Lovell Sisters had a deal in place with a major record label. When they realized their original material was not a priority for the label, they decided to opt out and remain independent. Time To Grow features five original songs including the title track, “Time To Grow,” and “Distance,” two of my favorite tracks of the album. When asked about the story behind “Distance,” Rebecca says the chords and melody came in a flash while the lyrics took months to refine. With Time To Grow, The Lovell Sisters share their passion for music with their fans, colleagues, and especially each other. “All three of us have different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses,” says Megan. “But we take care of each other, and our various strengths help lift each other up. As sisters, we’re very much on the same wave length and I think people can really see that in the way we interact on stage.” Lovers of musical adventures that are supported by beautiful instrumentals and perfect harmonies are in for a treat!



Sounds somewhat like Kelly Clarkson, which I don't like.


The Lovell Sisters are the most exciting up and coming group I know of. Lovers of acoustic string music and beautiful vocals will not be disappointed by their albums or live shows. These ladies are the real deal!

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