Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meme Love

A reader of this blog recommended Meme Love to me quite a while ago. He discovered her on Phildel's (which I featured here May last year) friendlist on MySpace. I put her name on my 'to-listen' list and two weeks ago, I finally listened to her songs for the first time, and have been in love with them since. This proves again I should not postpone recommended music. I really should've started listening earlier to this fantastic singer-songwriter with her unique voice and melodies that remind me of Imogen Heap and earlier mentioned Phildel.
Meme Love always had an openness to music she wanted to appreciate, and learn about, all different types of music. At school she learned cello, and then a bit of clarinet. After school she went to college and did A Level music and played with some world music and folk bands. While she was at college she joined an electro band. Perhaps because of this wide-ranging musical background, she is able to bring together divergent influences with apparent ease, to create an effortless fusion of classical and folk elements, with sparkling pop melodies and honey-soaked vocals. She's planning on releasing an album in the future. Very understandable because all songs I've heard from her so far could easily be singles, or at least great album tracks. Only love from me for Meme Love, now take the opportunity and experience some of that inevitably love yourself!



Right. Where can you even get her music?

medine amory.

I am definitely going to check her music out, thank you for the rec! :)


ah, ernst. het lukt me niet meer om de muziek via file2hd te downloaden, weet jij hoe het kan? ik vind het zo'n fijne muziekjes en ik wil ze luisteren in france waar ik morgen weer naar terug ga. kun je me helpen?


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