Monday, June 8, 2009

Diane Birch

I think most of you have heard of Diane Birch by now, her debut album Bible Belt; a title that is referring to both her very restraining religious upbringing that on the other hand is the source of her creativity. is getting quite a buzz around the net. A buzz she certainly deserves, Bible Belt is filled with soulful pop songs that will have you swinging in no time. On catchy tracks like “Fools” and “Valentino” Birch mixes piano-playing virtuosity with easy-going soul, and she can strike an uplifting groove on even the most melancholy tune. Her love for soul started most likely when she moved to Zimbabwe at a very young age. Her dad was a conservative pastor who moved his family from continent to continent. Until she arrived in the States, she’d had not had any exposure to the radio or television and little knowledge of popular culture; she’d only listened to classical music, opera and, of course, church hymns. That’s probably why the church organ can be heard throughout most of her songs. Alongside with the beautiful piano- parts, which is actually where her singing career started with. Because it was in piano class that Diane wrote her first original song, which her new classmates immediately loved. Not long afterwards she started posting songs on MySpace which resulted in a record deal with her current record label S-Curve Records. You can get Bible Belt from most digital stores. Buy it, if you want a swinging start of your summer.

@ New York, USA
♫ Pop, Soul, Alternative
♥ Valentino (mp3)
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hoi Ernst,
gaat alles goed met je?
ik zag zojuist dat je hyves verdwenen is. Je reacties bij mijn foto's waren weg. Nou goed, ik ga je nieuwe muziekjes eens beluisteren.

Groetje, Lieke


I am loving her album. Thanks for the great review!


wow, thanks for that find! I LOVE "valentino"! I'm not quite sure what to think of her ballads (love songs generally have a hard time pleasing me though), but a true exception to this is her cover of haddaway's "what is love?" (despite the poor quality of the vid):


she looks like angelina jolie.

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