Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Momeraths

Listening to The Momeraths will be the excellent start of your summer. The Momeraths are a five piece band consisting of Paolo (lead vocals, guitar), Claire (backing vocals, melodica), Richard (bass), Michael (guitar, accordion) and last but not least Adnan (drums) They named their band after small fuzzy creatures from "Alice In Wonderland" that consist of a scruff of hair, googley eyes and orange legs. Their sound is fresh and unique, the majority of their songs a fun fusion of country-folk and tangy guitar strumming with an occasional addition of harmonica, melodica, cowbells and accordion. The double-gendered vocals flow well together to create a sound that is not only different but catchy and easy to get people dancing. The Momeraths arrive with their debut EP “Crayon Colours” that will leave everyone with a clap and a cheers and a smile on the face. Their new single "Millepede Stomps" and "Dolly Mixtures" EP will be released in the summer on NS Records.



Thank you so much for blogging on this band, they are really fantastic.

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