Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dark Dark Dark

A few days  ago when I asked a friend [click for his website] for new music I should not miss out on, he recommended me Dark Dark Dark. This Minneapolis based chamber-folk sextet began in 2006 as a collaboration between multi-instrumentalists and singers Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount. These two inspired songwriters bring together disparate influences – including minimalism, New Orleans jazz, Americana, Eastern European folk, and pop – creating something altogether singular and absolutely epic. This diversity is their greatest strength. They use contrast - in texture, tone, and imagery - to build their own deeply-experienced world into the songs. For Wild Go, their beautiful sophomore album, which arrives October 5, 2010 they expanded the sound they captured on their 2008 debut, The Snow Magic. They’ve continued with the line-up that solidified on their critically-acclaimed Bright Bright Bright EP (March 2010), and pushed further with more nuanced arrangements and more personal content. Making Wild Go, an album you should not miss out on!

@ Minneapolis, USA
♫ Alternative, Folk



I really like their sound! They could have been one of those artists who made one album in the 60's and then disappeared... only to be re-disovered, 40 years later, via the internet. :)


I really love what I'm hearing. I will have to find more! Thanks for the heads always have great recommendations.

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