Monday, November 29, 2010

Maryanna Sokol

Althought it was only last week, I honestly can't remember where I discovered Maryanna Sokol.  But that won't stop me from sharing this talented singer-songwriter with you. As a daughter of a jazz-turned-classical guitarist mother and jazz trumpetist composer-turned-piano technician father who met at acclaimed Berklee College of Music, Maryanna rarely, if ever, entertained any option but to grow up to be a career musician. Her early childhood was spent studying piano, violin, voice, and guitar, and figuring out creative ways to get out of practicing for lessons. She composed her first music at the age of 3, when her parents encouraged every vocal improvisation and dabble on the piano as a “song.” After an obligatory but healthy obsession with The Beatles at a young age, followed by an active junior high and high school career in choir, orchestra, musical theater, and various local performing groups, Maryanna attended Southern Methodist University and Sam Houston State University in TX  In pursuit of her education, she re-visited the art of songwriting, soon composing catchy and clever songs that appealed to educators and students as well as hard-drinking, honest folk in bars. With influences ranging from Leonard Bernstein to Regina Spektor to the ever-growing hype over the impending end of the world, Maryanna writes songs that weave the unabashed soulfulness so often found in the classic Americana singer-songwriter style with discriminating pop sensibilities. Her debut album, “Landfill,”  is filled with infectious folky pop songs that all music lovers and especially fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Bess Rogers and Jenny Owen Youngs wil cherish.

@ New York, USA
♫ Acoustic, Folk, Pop
♥ Story Always Goes (mp3)


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