Friday, November 19, 2010

El May

Coming posts are old drafts that never got posted, but nontheless are definitely worth checking out! First up is the Perth-born, Sydney-raised multi-instrumentalist El May who recently returned to the stage in her native Australia opening for some brilliant acts including Feist, Explosions in the Sky and The Brunettes. Her first EP "Sound the Key Note" made me love her right away. And her selftitled debut album that can be fully streamed on Bandcamp HERE, only reinforced that feeling. El May spent a lot of time as a peripheral member of many stellar acts like Luna, Ben Lee, Crooked Fingers, Britta and Dean, ect. Lara Meyerratken fronts before starting her own band: El May. The Her indelible sense of harmony made a big noise (quietly) as the secret weapon on Ben Lee's Awake Is the New Sleep. Independent film lovers will recognize her song "Hero" as the one sung by Michelle Williams in "The Baxter."


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