Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ida Jenshus

There were months, even years that I visited daily, but with all the recent changes, most of them not for the best in my opinion, it's often if I even visit my profile more than twice a week. What has not changed is's sometimes brilliant 'artist recommendations'. A very recent example is today's featured Ida Jenshus, which was recommended to me because I listened to Dylan LeBlanc a lot lately. Ida Jenshus, who plays the guitar since she was ten decided at age seventeen that she wanted to be a musician. After winning a talent show at the Norwegian television, Ida soon released her debut album "Colors of the Sun" which featured eleven songs, written over a five year period.She already decided her music style was going to be along the lines of Alison Krauss, Nanci Griffith and Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons when she discovered them as a teenager. The release of her debut brought her many things like playing on country music festivals, community centers, churches and ski jumps all with her band, whoo she loves and who make her touring worthwile. Last month, two years after her succesful debut, Ida released a more personal and intimate sophomore album. "No Guarantees" features clearer country elements but is also heavier and rockier on the other hand. Ida also tried to stay closer to her live sound; not necessarily perfect all the time, but shows more nerve. Ida, for me is a perfect example that talent show winners can also be succesful, by staying true to themselves.

@ Trondheim, Norway
♫ Acoustic, Folk Pop, Country


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