Thursday, February 26, 2009

East Hundred

East Hundred was in the (e)mailbox a few weeks ago, but since I get a lot of mail every day, it took me a while to listen to their music. - Yes, I try to listen to all the music I get emailed about, so keep them coming. - I immediately loved their song Slow Burning Crimes, probably because of Beril's vocals which are a pleasure for the ear.
East Hundred began as a basement recording project in 2004 when brothers Brooke and Will Blair (guitars and drums, respectively) invited Beril Guceri, Brooke’s then-girlfriend, to add vocals to their heavily-synthed downtempo tracks. After recording a few rough demos (which would later become the first EPs), the band sought to solidify its lineup and it was no great surprise when David Sunderland joined on bass. A friend of the Blairs literally since diapers, Sunderland had played in several previous bands with the brothers. Susan Gager, another close friend from Philadelphia, joined on keyboards and East Hundred soon evolved into a songwriting democracy. Nonstop performing honed the groups’ live act and Guceri overcame her crippling anxiety (perhaps too much so, if you catch her on one of her hammier nights.) As work began on Passenger in 2007 at Drexel University’s Mad Dragon studios, Brooke and Beril’s relationship ended. Rather than derail the recording process, however, the resultant heartache and awkwardness produced a flood of new material and what was intended to be a minor EP soon became a full-fledged album. East Hundred comes out of old friendships and failed loves. Their music shores up their relationships…or the relationships feed their music…more likely, it’s a bit of both.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Credits go to t-mobile for introducing me to Obél's music! T-mobile is following the trend Apple started (don't know for sure who started it) to feature songs from (female) singer-songwriters in their commercials, which proves now once again, is great to discover great new music!
Obél is a Danish singer, songwriter and musician who now lives in Berlin. She began playing the piano as a child, and soon discovered songwriting. In her late teens Obél founded the Copenhagen based band Sohio, together with the Danish musician and producer Elton Theander. The two worked together for several years before going their own way. Nowadays Obél is known for her do-it-yourself attitude towards music making. She writes, plays, sings, records and produces her material. Obél’s debut single “Just So”, that was written and recorded in her bedroom, was chosen for a big T-mobile/T-home campaign. The song was found by MassiveTalent, a division within MassiveMusic that finds talented artists and operates as a direct link between artist and advertising agencies. The Single and videoclip of the song “Just So” will be in store on the 20th of February. At the moment Obél is working on her debut album.

@ Copenhagen, Denmark
♫ Indie, Pop, Acoustic
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Friday, February 20, 2009


Playing progressive and accessible indie rock, Aviette is Minneapolis-based band made up of Holly Muñoz (guitar/vocals), Justin Hartke (bass), and Kyle Larson (drums). Their debut record, Until We Hear From Dave was selected as one of the best records of 2006 by The Onion Songs from UWHFD were featured on some indieradiostations. Aviette recorded their second full-length album, The Way We Met with Minneapolis-based producer Darren Jackson (Kid Dakota, The Hopefuls, Alva Star). From the driving beat of “What You Want Me To Say” to the determined optimism of “The Way We Met,” this collection of songs is consistent and thoughtfully arranged. The Way We Met was released nationwide on July 1, 2008. Aviette celebrated their record release at the Triple Rock Social Club on June 28, 2008 with performances by The Alarmists, Kid Dakota and The Glad Version. This show was sponsored by 89.3 The Current (MPR) and Surly Brewing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tara Simmons

Tara Simmons is a musician determined never to become bored. Critically-acclaimed, industry-recognised and currently on fire with her songwriting game, her catalogue varies between simple folk-driven pop to glitchy, cut-up sample-based electronic. Listen to her songs and you will wonder how do these remarkable sounds come to be? Well aside from being proficient in traditional elements like voice and keys and occasionally whipping out a cello, Tara has been known to shovel around her bathroom, bedroom or even kitchen drawers to find something new and interesting to sample and feature in her music. Tara first came to prominence through 2006’s self-recorded, self-produced and self-financed Pendulum EP, a stunning set of seven songs that not only displayed her influences of early German electronica, folk-pop and experimentalism but also quickly brought her to the attention of her music peers. The second EP - All The Amendments – closely followed and the accolades continued stacking up. EPilation - a compilation of the two EPs – again, came quickly purely through a reluctance to cough up the dough for a double pressing. The idea quickly beyond the simple idea to merely combine the two EPs and instead, the 11 tracks were re-mastered and re-sequenced and now sit together as they should be heard and really belong – in the form of an album. Coming off her first East Coast tour and with a video on the telly for ‘Everybody Loves You’, a couple of songs featuring in the independent film All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane and her song writing more prolific than ever, the stage is set for her debut full-length album: Spilt Milk that was released this February.

@ Brisbane, Australia
♫ Indie, Folk, Pop
Meet in the Middle
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Blake & Kate

Blake & Kate were in the top folk albums at when I discovered them. Really liked the albumart of their debut EP; and actually made me trying their music. I'm glad it did, else I've would've missed the four songs from their nice folky debut EP. If you dig harmonies this is a must!
Blake Mankin resides in Austin, Texas and Kate Pauley calls Malibu, California her home. Blake attends the University of Texas while Kate attends Pepperdine University. Blake and Kate are in a long distance relationship. They have been dating since they went to the same high school in Coppell, Texas. Letters and Words E.P. was recorded over their winter holiday in 2008 with producer and engineer Matt Lucas. The songs were dreamed, developed, and written as a result of their shared passion for not only creating music, but using that music to tell stories of love and to explore the injustices found in society today. What was first conceptualized as a recording meant only to include two vocal tracks and an acoustic guitar transformed into a recording filled with a variety of instruments played by their hometown friends. For now, Blake & Kate plans to play shows in the summertime, on breaks, and during their spontaneous weekend trips to each others' states.

@ Texas & California, USA
♫ Acoustic, Indie, Folk
Without You
Fashion Compassion
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Cara Salimando

Cara Salimando was another great young singer-songwriter I found on Myspace. Yeah, again Myspace; where would LMLI be without it? There's not much to say; but to encourage you to listen to this girl's songs.. and the following bio says it all.

Cara has been quietly working away at writing and performing music for almost her whole life. Since she was very young, Cara has always expressed a need to create music; she started as a small child by composing on her little toy piano. To see her standing, at all of 4'11", and then hear Cara’s big voice is almost paradoxical. With a disarming charm and lyrics full of imagery, her warm tone tells stories that we quickly find ourselves in. Cara has deeply immersed herself in music. She dedicates most of her time honing her craft by writing, collaborating with various bands and musicians (mostly with her band the Unlike Birds), attending songwriting circles and college summer songwriting sessions and playing as many coffee houses and bars as possible. Cara’s recorded music ranges from simple moody piano and vocal melodies to elaborate and elegant string productions. With her colorful approach that touches the feelings, Cara’s songs paint pictures of harbor towns, skyscrapers, full moons and bittersweet memories. She draws inspiration from artists such as Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, two artists with which her music is often compared. UPDATE: Cara Salimando signed with Universal Records!

@ New Jersey, USA
♫ Indie, Pop
Anything At All
Cigarette Smoke
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gileah and the Ghost Train

I found Gileah and the Ghost Train through Gileah Taylor the lead singer of the band that also has a soloalbum called: The Golden Planes which I highly recommend as well. Therefore "Be The One" a track from that album is added as a bonus! In Gileah and the Ghost Train, Gileah's voice is just as beautiful as on her debut solo album, but now together with Ava Quigley's voice and the rest of the band, you'll hear a different side of it that I also immediately loved. I think I've found my new favorite band and singer for the next few weeks...!
Gileah and The Ghost Train write songs about doubt, faith, sin, heartbreak, love, and redemption. Gileah’s biggest influences are literary; Flannery O’Connor, Thomas Hardy, and George MacDonald. These guides give the record a powerful sense of drama. Although Gileah and The Ghost Train have been playing together for a number of years, this record marks their official debut as a band. The self-titled LP features Gileah Taylor as the voice and songwriter and Ava Quigley as the second voice/rhythm guitarist/hottest omnichordist ever. Joining them are the ghost members of The Ghost Train, guitarist Kevin Woerner, drummer Ben Phillips, and producer Allen Salmon. Allen wrote with the band, arranged the songs, laid down some wicked bass tracks, and created a majestic tone for the record.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Selah Sue

Selah Sue is another discovery through MySpace, she has been in my friendlist for quite a while now, and would've been still, if a friend of mine had not reminded me of her talent. I revisited her MySpace, and fell in love with this girl's unique, edgy and mature voice. I still can't believe she's only 20 years old, a year younger than me. Her voice reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse, and Duffy, so fans, and everyone else definitely should have a listen.. Selah Sue is soon going to be the girl Belgium is known by!
Selah Sue, real name Sanne Putseys, was born in Louvain, Belgium on 3rd May 1989. She started playing classic guitar when she was 15. When she was 17, she participated in an open mic night in ‘Het Depot’, a small venue in Louvain. Milow , real name Jonathan Vandenbroeck, a successful Belgian singer, being the organiser of the event, saw her performance and asked her whether she wanted to be his support act. She accepted, wrote more songs and is steadily gaining the fame and recognition she deserves. She also released her debut EP Black Part Love, being sold on shows.

@ Leuven, Belgium
♫ Alternative, Pop
♥ Explanations (mp3)
♥ Mommy (mp3)
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Lowood's yet another talented duo from Scandinivia. I sometimes wonder if music is in people's genes over there. Why else are there so many great musicians from Scandinavia? (click to see all featured artitsts from scandinavia on LMLI) Lowood also has the "unique" scandinavian sounding songs, that you would never find in the Netherlands (for example). Give it a listen!
Therese Johansson, the main figure and songwriter in Lowood, stems from the pensive but uneventful rural parts of middle Sweden, something which spawned both the creativity and yearning that defines her and musical partner Kicki Halmos’ debut album. ‘Close To Violence’ tells of the leaving and of the longing that is as much connected with Smalltown, Sweden as the tribulation of complex affection. ‘Close To Violence’ is a cathartic pop album, a collection of songs which contrasts perfect musical harmony and minor key melodies with stories of imperfect relations. The songs on ‘Close To Violence’ resemble fragments that tell of love’s hope and failure, but are ultimately the chapter that closes the book on this part of her life. The fragility pierces, deep and forthright, and is sometimes so naked that it becomes almost overbearing. But Lowood don’t carry a message of resignation – there is no weakness here. Instead, the music and words convey hope and willpower between the lines. Lowood’s soundscapes are sometimes desolate and sparce, sometimes as impalpable and intangible as air, but occasionally burst with the force of conviction that resembles the electric legacy of pop’s eternals. ‘Close To Violence’ is obviously a work by lovers of music of intense emotional charge. But Lowood’s musical language is in the true sense of the word their own. Therese Johanssons personal songwriting, sense of melody and unparalleled voice appears to have been made for the sort of introspective pop music and expression that has become a necessity in her life. Therese and Kicki effortlessly complete each other, and with Therese’s crisp guitar adorned by Kicki’s lush keyboard melodies, this album is a masterwork of ethereal but jagged beauty.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mia Riddle

Ever since I stumbled upon Mia Riddle on MySpace, I've been on the look out for her music Three days ago I got lucky and found it at That immediately made my day, this girl can sing, her voice sometimes reminds me of the Howling Bells (on their debut album) And Tumble and Drag, her latest album is a gem filled with strong and catchy indie pop rock songs. In short; have a look at this "next big thing"!
Born in the West, settled in the East, Brooklyn singer/guitarist Mia Riddle writes songs that are equal parts desert expanse and outer-borough street lamp spirit. Recorded at Williamsburg’s Headgear Studios, producer Rod Sherwood’s basement apartment, and a friend’s pizzeria in Bushwick after hours, Tumble and Drag sounds as good driving up the Pacific Coast Highway as it does huddled by the heater in a tiny apartment, watching the snow pile up outside the window. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly - the music Mia and her six-piece band of transplants make sounds like home.