Monday, July 6, 2009

Let Me Tell You: Free The Civil Wars Album

I've listened to Joy Williams' music since she released her debut album eight years ago. After releasing four albums she took a break from music. This year she released a new EP, that is more in the singer-songwriter genre and less poppier than her previous releases. Not only is she making music again, she also joined forces with John Paul White and created the band The Civil Wars. Together they play beautiful harmonious folk songs. To promote this new project, they are giving away their first live album featuring 10 beautiful songs for FREE, no hassle, no email required, just click and DOWNLOAD.



I LOVE this. Of course, I love like 90% of everything you post, so that's no surprise, but I especially like this one. I heard only the first half of the first song and I immediately went to iTunes to see if there was an album I could buy, alas, no.

Eaton Bennett

Hi I'm really disappointed, the free download of their music won't open on my computer. I was very hopeful. Have they made a CD to buy yet?

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