Friday, July 10, 2009

The Iveys

The Iveys are Arlen, Jessica & Jillian. The brother/sister band grew up in West Texas, about fifty miles outside of El Paso surrounded by family and a love for music. Growing up they listened to all of our dad’s old records, from The Beatles to the Rolling Stones, Queen to The Eagles. It really influenced their songwriting in a positive way. The musical influences are hard to miss when you hear their soaring melodies, rich harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. During the time they spent at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios working on the songs for their album they were introduced to noted Italian producer Ettore Grenci who began recording with them in late 2008. With the additional guidance of Stephen Short and Tony Rancich their self-titled debut album was completed and released in 2009. "On this album they put a lot of focus into our harmonies", says Jessica, “It’s a big part of who we are as a group.” They recently released the music video for their single “Back When it was Our World” and are now looking forward to touring the country this summer. “Our music is something we can share,” Jillian says, “Something that’s alive and that can spread, touching everyone.”

@ Tornillo, USA
♫ Pop, Rock, Country
♥ Running Out (mp3)
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Amazing!! I love these guys!!

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