Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Natalie Prass

Natalie Prass is a Nashville based singer-songwriter that has been singing/writing/recording/performing since elementary school. She took one year at Berklee but it was too cold for her, so she moved to Nashville. Where she started to work on her debut, 6 song EP. This EP, entitled Small & Sweet has been released in the meantime and contains 6 songs with a smart blend of folk, pop and soul. Natalie wants anyone to enjoy the EP under optimal conditions and has even written a manual for it that says: “I get cozy. I love my surroundings. I take everything in and get super comfy cozy. I'm constantly seeking to be inspired and I hope you are someone who sought me out to find a little extra inspiration. I hope you listen while laying on your floor, or eating your favorite snack, or looking at a variety of pretty pictures. I hope after listening you will want to make something, whatever that may be. Write your friend a letter, construct a popsicle stick house for your pet rock, patch up the hole in your jeans with a crazy colored fabric, cookies (yum), whatever, you get it.” So get relaxed, and have a listen at where Small & Sweet is fully streamable.


Donnie Hedden

awesome! you can listen to her live set at the basement here if you'd like.


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