Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let Me Tell You: Nat Johnson, The Postmarks, Noah and the Whale

Nat Johnson has signed with Damaged Goods records. Nat Johnson is former singer, songwriter and guitarist of Monkey Swallows the Universe who released two critically acclaimed albums earlier in the decade The band split in 2008 and Nat embarked on a solo career. Nat has now assembled backing band The Figureheads and will release the debut album ‘Roman Radio’ later this year.


"Go Jetsetter" from the forthcoming second album Memoirs At The End Of The World by The Postmarks is up on their MySpace. The Postmarks recorded Memoirs themselves between August of 2008 and February of 2009 in their home recording studios, taking a collaborative approach to the process. The resulting 13-track album combines the band’s proclivity for gritty, atmospheric pop songs with enchanting melodies that draw significant inspiration from film soundtracks. Memoirs is a leap forward for The Postmarks, expressed with ambient textures from dub reggae, horn arrangements from classic soul, and elements of experimentation reminiscent of sounds heard at the birth of electronic music.


We are very excited to announce Noah and The Whale's new album 'First Days Of Spring' will be out on Monday 31st August! The album will be accompanied by a film read more about it here. They also are giving away the first track of the album "First Days Of Spring" for free. The track is said to mark a change in direction for the band, moving away from their happy folk sound to a more grandios, darker sound. Download the free track here.

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The new Postmarks album is A+. Thanks!

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