Friday, July 10, 2009

Let Me Tell You: The Social Services, Sia, Amy Kuney, Immaculate Machine

The Social Services announced on their MySpace that they are working on their second album. "The most exciting thing at the moment is the new songs new songs new songs that we are churning out like a 24-hour pop factory. They're not quite ripe for your ears yet but soon they will be" The record might be called "'I work down a mine and you've got no front teeth'. Or it might not" they joke in their announcement. They're also playing at a couple of small festivals over the summer.
Immaculate Machine released a new musicvideo for "Sound of the Alarms" one of the tracks from their most recent album 'High On Jackson Hill'. Watch it on YouTube.
A recent tweet from Amy Kuney suggest that she's working on a new song called "Fireworks", probably one of the first songs for a new album? I really hope so.

Twitter is really a useful source for news in the musicindustry, Sia tweeted yesterday that she's working on a new album which means that there will be no shows of her till later in the year. More details will follow.


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