Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alva Leigh

One might assume that it must be pretty intimidating for a musician to hail from the state of Mississippi, a land made famous by the likes of B. B. King, Elvis Presley, and Muddy Waters; however, Alva Leigh, a musician whose home is in Gulfport, shows no sign of insecurity in her roots. Singing engaging songs drawn from the milieu of the American South, she is a voice for a significant yet oft-forgotten culture. When she opens her mouth to sing, her voice becomes dark and worldly, her vowels long and begging, her melodies moody, and sitting behind a piano, she is electric. The candid, dusty anecdotes within each song seem to suggest a Deep South from the time of Faulkner, of black coffee, worn church pews, and faded summer dresses, all steeped in earthy, sacred imagery. It is possesses that which so much music lacks: an organic honesty. With her charm and disarming youthfulness, Alva Leigh has managed to capture the hearts of countless audiences.



Go, Go, Alva Leigh

Love, Uncle Don and Aunt Peg


You're making us all very proud!
From the Ms.Gulf Coast

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