Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Love Willows

The Love Willows caught my interest after seeing their upcoming album on a releaselist. Good stuff for everyone who likes a good pop/rock song once in a while!
An Atlanta duo that wants young audiences to have fun, singer Hope Partlow and guitarist/vocalist Ryan Wilson have crafted a buoyant debut album, Hey! Hey! that is unabashedly upbeat. You might even smell the cotton candy in this collection of enjoyable pop/rockabilly tunes, like spinning through an amusement park where childlike pleasures can be found in even the simplest of rides. Not that The Love Willows doesn’t speak to young adults. In fact, most of Hey! Hey! tracks the evolution of their own relationship. “It’s all about fetishes, love and hate,” says Hope. “It’s a product of what we’ve gone through as a couple, the battles and the glories, everything that’s happened in the past few years.” The accessibility of their songs also belies their inventiveness and, oftentimes, their subtle sophistication. “I feel like we bring something different to the table,” says Ryan, who produced and engineered the album. The pair recorded Hey! Hey! in the attic studio of Ryan’s parents’ home outside of Atlanta, with Ryan playing every instrument and both of them songwriting. The tunes are brightly colored - much like Hope and Ryan when they perform live, with swaths of neon yellows, pinks and greens adorning their clothes and gear. Their debut album Hey! Hey! will be released the 29th January of next year. (after being postponed for the third time)


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