Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madi Diaz

Madi Diaz is Kyle Ryan and Madi Diaz. Kyle grew up in Nebraska. Madi grew up in western Pennsylvania. They were friends with fields and cows and ponies and corn and tobacco barns. They both tried to go cow tipping at one point or another. They both found their way to the big cities. Madi's first city love was Philadelphia. Two years later she found love again with Boston. Kyle and Madi ran circles around each other in different groups of friends and bands while trying to become affluent in the trade of music. They met and began to play together somewhere around the fall of 2006. They wrote their first song together somewhere around the early side of 2007. Kyle graduated. Madi ran away from school, books, and dirty looks but continued to reside in Boston. For another year they continued struggling to play gigs and hang with the cool kids and finally it paid off. They met Ty Stiklorius, current manager and friend in the fall of 2007. Immediately sweeping them off their feet, ty began to reach out and make major moves for the two writers connecting them with the esteemed publishing company Cherry Lane Music and letting them sleep on her couch when their new york city gigs ran late. Things grew and changed as they often do and most recently madi and kyle decided to say goodbye to their friends and lovers they had made and make the drive to Nashville. One 16 foot buget truck, one car trailer, 22 hours and many many boxes of sour patch kids later, there they were in the most musically dense city, like, ever. now they can make more music. and they do. all the time. and they love it. and they hope you do too. Madi Diaz released a solo EP in 2007 called "Skin and Bone" and recently released her first EP "Ten Gun Salute" with Kyle Ryan.



Wow, I just found out about Madi Diaz and was blown away. I featured them on my blog as well. Check it out, if you like it link to it. You've got one on mine.

Digging For Days

How Marvellous...

woo! Madia Diaz are great, thanks

devon k

words cannot describe how much i love your music!! ps. go nebraska!! haha.


I love love love Madi! It's so exciting to see her career jumping because I've been a fan since Day 1!


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