Sunday, November 2, 2008

Erin McCarley

"The beautiful and honest vocals singing the infectious pop-rock songs make this a hit!"
Erin McCarley is one of those artists that was still unsigned the first time I heard their music, a but are now signed with big labels, just like Lenka. So although she's not a new discovery, I still want to share her music with you before she's going to be a (massive) hit.
McCarley grew up in the Dallas suburb of Garland. In a way, her ideal childhood led to an unexpected wake-up call later in life. “It kind of gave me an unrealistic view of everything,” McCarley notes with a laugh. “That’s not how the world is, you know?” In McCarley’s music you can hear her charting the distance between fantasy and reality, as well as the heartbreak that inevitably accompanies its discovery. McCarley’s brand of honesty doesn’t come without the occasional flash of regret. Near the top of the list of McCarley’s favorite artists are names like Fiona Apple, Patty Griffin and Greg Laswell (the latter of whom co-wrote “Bobblehead”). “I just love how true and raw their lyrics are,” she explains. Listening to records by these musicians is more than enjoyable for McCarley—it’s inspiring. McCarley currently calls Nashville home, but she cut her musical teeth in San Diego, where she’d moved after college to pursue a life that didn’t feature music at its center. During her undergraduate days she’d spend weekends singing with a country cover band for extra cash, yet in San Diego, selling clothes in a boutique and hanging out on the beach, she began thinking not just like a singer, but as a songwriter, which satisfied a different artistic jones. Love, Save the Empty, her debut album will be released Jan 6, next year!

@ San Diego, USA
♫ Pop, Rock, Alternative
Pitter-Pat (mp3)
Official Website


The oNe AnD OnLy!

Erin McCarely has to be the best new artist for me. I been a fan of her's for a while now!


I Lovvvee Erinnn!!! "Love Save The The Empty"

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