Friday, November 7, 2008

The Honey Trees

The first time I stumbled on The Honey Trees, was when I visited Wesley Jensen's page. Their profile photo literally did if for me! I'm happy it did, because I immediately fell in love with their songs. And they got me even more after I found out that Becky Filip was the lead singer of the band, what a voice! Becky Filip used to be one of my friends, when I used MySpace two years ago. (Now I mostly use it to contact the artists, listen to their songs) And I was even more amazed by the fact that Becky Filip, and automatically The Honey Trees, has quite a following on hyves (a dutch network site like MySpace). So with any luck they'll be visiting us soon!
The Honey Trees are an indie band from Sacramento, California fronted by Becky Filip. The band also includes Jacob Wick and Jason Massey. They currently recorded their EP, “Wake The Earth” during the summer and is expected to be released shortly. "Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging, you are all so wonderful, and we are so grateful to you and your kind words. Love!"

@ Sacramento, USA
♫ Indie, Acoustic, Pop
Orchard (mp3)
Edelweiss (mp3)



i personally love the honey trees. i mean, the name is enough to make you drift into a blissful reverie. becky has a brilliant and addictive voice, and i adore listening to their music. i first came across them after i saw 'the sound of music' at the local theatre. i went on youtube to listen to 'edelweiss' and i came across their version, and i fell in love to subsequently find 'orchard'.
anyone who doesnt know of the honey trees are truly missing out on something amazing.

Mareey Elle

great band

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Yes, I liked them too. Good that you give attention to the band.

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