Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Karli Fairbanks

Karli Fairbanks was recommended by someone from quite a while ago. The thing that immediately striked me when I listened to her music, is her soulful voice, sad, but hopeful at the same time. Singing beautiful songs you that want to sing along with!
Born and raised in the sleepy streets of Spokane, Washington Karli Fairbanks has been a well-known presence in the local music scene for the last three years, collaborating widely and playing alongside some of the talented and increasingly successful young musicians who are putting Spokane back on the music radar. A hard-working multi-instrumentalist, Karli cut her teeth on classical piano and now brings both a careful sensibility and very deliberate wistfulness to the folk and country music she has lately favored. Switching easily from guitar to melancholy piano ballads, accordion and delicately strummed banjo Karli Fairbanks is equally comfortable playing stripped down acoustic sets or taking lead on a crowded stage as she sings alongside some of the incredible musicians she calls collaborators and friends. The last few years have seen Karli Fairbanks collaborate with and play alongside an increasingly long-list of accomplished musicians including Josh Ritter, Nick Jaina, David Bazan, Norfolk and Western, Horse Feathers and Johanna Kunin. Extensive touring and the opportunity to work with such incredible musicians has had something of a hothouse effect on Karli’s music with three releases in the last two years tracking her swift progression as a gifted, young songwriter. Her recent five song EP, “Meet Me,” is an attempt to capture the intimate, stripped down sound so familiar to anyone who’s heard Karli play live recently. Following on from last year’s self-produced LP, “Bitter Blue,” “Meet Me,” will be available online and for purchase during Karli’s Fall tour of the West Coast and features the musician’s own beautiful hand-made artwork.


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