Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sarah Russell

The first few times I saw Sarah Russell's name and photo on MySpace, they looked so familiar, that I skipped looking at her page, assuming I already knew her. Fortunately, after all I decided to check her page. What I saw was a new talented singer-songwriter from the southcoast of England, definitely worth checking out!
She sings all her folky selfwritten songs with a very suiting and soft voice enrichened with a nice british edge, and also plays guitar. Her inspiration comes from all around life, love and everything in between including Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush, Nina Simone, Neil Young, Tori Amos, Nick Drake, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Gemma Hayes and Fiona Apple. I wouldn't be surprised when she releases an album on a (big) label next year!

@ South, UK



Do you have the song "Finally Found" by Sarah Russell. It's so beautiful. If you have it could you possibly post it =)


I have it!

Get it here:



Thanks so much. That was really fast. You really just made my week =). I hope she gets signed or is signed because I can't wait to by an album from her.


I don't mean to be a pest but share isn't letting me download it. When the link comes up to download and I click on it, it straight away brings up windows media player. I tried right clicking but it doesn't show it as mp3 file it shows it as a .htm.part file? I'm lost!


Look for the "Download this File" link just above the playing song..

or directly go to:



Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you. Well you get the picture ;)


i love Sarah Russell and tried to download her song from the link you gave Meg, but i got this message'Error 404 - File Not Found'.. :'(


someone please give me any link to download you are by sarah russell? :s i've been searching it on google, anywhere..but cudnt find it :'(


Great voice. Sweet and sexy tones. Good luck with your level !
Kind regards: Axone Productions

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