Monday, November 24, 2008

My Little Pony

"Catchiest indie pop, I've heard in ages"
It's been a while since I first listened to My Little Pony's first EP: Songs in A Major which I liked very much, but I needed more before blogging them. Last month, their debut album finally released and is even better than I expected! So, give them a listen! (especially for the ones of you that really like Camera Obscura and The School, this is a must!)
My Little Pony is a pretty new band on the friendly Oslo pop scene. Sometimes they play pop, sometimes it's afrojazz, sometimes it's bluegrass, and once in a while even reggae, but it is always within the generous framework of the genre known as indiepop. Allthough having existed for only a year, My Little Pony has allready become an experienced live band playing over 50 shows the past year. Both in Norway, Sweden, and even Spain, where they are the winners of this years Premio Pop-Eye for "European Revelation". Their first EP, "Songs in A major", was released in October 2007 and is available from a lot of record stores. The maxi-single "MacGyver Blues" has only been released as a CD-R, and in a limited edition. The compilation "Around the world with My Little Pony, vol.1" was also released by Spoon Train Audio this spring. It contains one new track from My Little Pony and nine tracks by My Little Pony's Myspace friends, including bands like Red Pony Clock, Cola Jet Set and Snippet. October 20th 2008 saw the release of My Little Pony's long awaited debut album "Think Too Much".



do you have any albums of this band for download, please


Sorry, I don't share albums.
Only am promoting good bands.

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