Monday, November 10, 2008

Thunder Power

When first listening to Thunder Power, there’s something familiar that you can’t quite pinpoint – or shake off. Their music draws you in with an earnestness that makes a dreary day a little less dreary. It swells from sweet to somber, from biting to just plain raucous, lofting in the realms of murky, folk-laden ballads and chamber pop soirees. Basically, Thunder Power never ceases to keep your toes tapping. This Omaha sextet features Kacynna Tompsett’s “old soul” vocals, backed by five longtime friends (Matt Hutton, Will Simons, Ian Simons, Jason Koba and Alex Boardman) who’ve been playing music together in various projects for the past decade. With multiple songwriters and the occasional instrument swap, the band is able to draw from a wide range of talents and influences and collectively craft their music. Sit them all down and you’ll likely laugh at all the jokes and good-natured insults flying about. Thunder Power has shared the stage with acts such as Tilly and the Wall, The Good Life, The Thermals, Scout Niblett, Pontiak, Eagle Seagull. “Love Yourself,” the group’s debut EP, brings together five animated tracks that radiate a youthful energy reminiscent of a time when pop music was pure. Through lyrics that range from bitter to bittersweet, Kacynna Tompsett’s smoky vocals reject the idea that succumbing to everyday societal pressures is the only way to make it in a world where sheen outshines substance.



I like this band a lot, I'll publish about them tomorrow in my blog.

Iris Jans

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