Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alessi's Ark

I've been following Alessi, she's called Alessi's Ark now, for quite a while now, and I was happy to see that's she's been given a chance to share her talent with the world. I've always thought she was destined for bigger things and I hope 2009 will be the year of her breaktrough. Give her a chance, I'm sure you won't regret it.
Alessi is a magical creature that lives in West London. I think of her as this unique eighteen-year-old girl who is very excited, very alert, and very open to the world of imagination. The imagination is often associated with those strange dimensions created in childhood. For a young child, fantasy and reality seem to co-exist without contradiction, and shed light on each other. As we grew up we seem to leave this world behind, only to revisit it occasionally in song. Alessi’s songs like “Constellations” and “The Horse” open up the door again to this beautiful world. Her songs are a new take on psychedelic folk music, very british, and a little like Syd Barett, who was very child-like in his own way. Her first release The Horse EP was released a few days ago and her first album called "Notes From A Treehouse" will follow in February.

@ London, UK
♫ Indie, Folk, Pop
The Horse (mp3)
The Dog (mp3)



Hi there! You have a really lovely pretty blog, great music taste. Alessi's Ark is wonderful, I saw he last week in a tiny pub in London, she was fantastic.

Citizen Meh

I agree with what you've said about Alessi- she's a real star in the making! This blog has the Citizen Meh seal of approval.


Hey, thanks for the tracks, I haven't heard much from her so this is great. Keep up the great work.


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