Friday, December 5, 2008

Lex Land

Within her swooping, fluty tones, you may hear the ghost of torch singers past whispering velvety and soft, or the roar of a mistreated lioness. Her voice has been compared with those of Judy Garland, Rickie Lee Jones and Maria McKee, but her sound is all her own. Lex Land has lived her 21 years entirely in Southern California, from the High Sierra mountains to the sparkling coast, and knows the darkness beneath its beauty. As a pre-teen in Orange County’s Newport Beach, she aspired to operatic stardom, but soon found her distinctive voice better suited to her own original material, written on guitar and incorporating a unique style of finger plcking. While Land studied voice and musical performance at Chapman University, she began recording demos in her bedroom and drawing crowds to Southern California shows. Producer Shannon Edgar heard those demos, went to a show, and immediately wanted to make the most of her multiple talents. Œ’Orange Days on Lemon Street,’ recorded at Ocean Studios in Burbank, CA, was named for the street in the city of Orange where Lex lived while writing its songs, including “As Much As You Lead,” “Could’ve Had Me” and “Easy.” Those tunes blend honey-sweet folk, melodic pop and indie rock, and their confessional lyrics, from the preemptive knowledge of heartbreak to the painful absence of a parent, drip with a truth that lure the listener into her world.


How Marvellous...

Hi - thanks, Lex Land are lovely - really enjoying the tracks you posted.

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