Monday, December 1, 2008


MySpace delivered me this new proof that Sweden is one of the biggest music producing countries in Europe, if not the world. Skilla's songs sound convincing, and just like their bio is telling me, are sung from within. These raw emotions are packed with a nice mix of unique vocals, violin and harminoca that all combined form interesting songs, which you should give a listen.
Skilla are Amanda Savbrant (Drums, percussion, vocals ), Vanja Gottlow (Bass), Nina Christensen (Lead vocals, violin), Elin Hörberg (Keyboards, harmonica, vocals) and Lisa Godin (guitar, vocals) They make music from their inner, and out comes their own version of alternative rock as you never heard it before. They are bloodsisters from Malmoe in the south of Sweden that luckely found themselves dreaming of the same kind of goals and sound. Tomorrow they are going to take over the world and maybe have a beer in a summer somewhere. So far they've released two EP's (Or Die and As In the Book) and they released their selftitled debut album earlier this year.


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