Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lindi Ortega

Singer/songwriter Lindi was born in Canada to a Mexican father and a Northern Irish mother, a rich heritage reflected in her own exotic beauty and in her songwriting. She grew up listening to the greats of country music (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton) and the legends of folk and fusion (Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen). Lindi’s music draws from these influences, mixes in a healthy appreciation of classic old-school pop and rock, and arrives vividly in the present via the dusty back-roads of alternative country, complete with surprising twists and turns. The result is a collection of timeless songs that range from “So Far Gone”, with its brassy, effervescent tunefulness and irresistible up-tempo, to the paranoid, late-night loneliness of “All My Friends”. One of the most magical qualities in these recordings is Ortega’s striking and distinctive voice, one that can soar with beautiful clarity above driving drum beats and blaring horns or assume an intimate vulnerability within the stripped-down acoustic guitar setting of, say, “Dying Of Another Broken Heart”. Lindi’s lyrics are never simplistic. When they are dark, they are never quite despairing, and they are offset with a tongue-in-cheek humor. When they are light-hearted, hopeful and optimistic, there is usually always a warning that things can turn dark again, in the blink of an eye! So far she released two albums and an EP on her own. And after recently signing with Cherry Tree Records her first EP on the label "The Drifer EP" was released.


How Marvellous...

another gem - you find some splendid singers, thanks again.

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