Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Unfortunately I can't remember the first time that I find out about Leerone's music, I bet it was somewhere on the internet. All I can recall that her name was one I've never heard before ( an Israelian name?) and I was really wondering how you should pronounce her name, something I still haven't figured out.
Leerone was born in the Israeli port city of Haifa. Her family relocated to America when she was still in diapers. Growing up, Leerone attended school in suburban LA while spending summers in her Middle Eastern homeland. “The experience definitely changed me,” she said in 2005. “I think having two homes makes you more open and critical of who you are, because you’re more aware of the things that are shaping you.” If Leerone’s lyrics often sound more like diary entries than standard-issue pop poesy, it’s because the Los Angeles singer-songwriter has consistently endeavored to raise the bar for musical confessionalism. Indeed, on her previous EPs, including “In This Life, On This Road” (2003) and Hail to the Queen, Leerone plumbed the depths of her psyche with the zeal of a woman-child possessed. Now comes "Imaginary Biographies", a full-length album that is at once a work of story-spinning fancy, and an exercise in point blank self-analysis. It’s comically characteristic that Leerone would scrawl pictures while being interviewed. The gears of her fevered imagination are constantly on the grind. In the latest exhibition of her all-encompassing creativity, Leerone not only composed and sung all the tunes featured on Imaginary Biographies, she conceived and designed the CD art. Come to find out, she even designs her own stage clothes (is it any wonder that the singer’s independent record company is called Fussy Music?).



another great recommendation! She looks a bit like a Watson Twin in that photo.


Thank you for the blog love Ernst!!

My name is indeed Hebrew, it means my song. Pronounced Leeee-rhone or roan. Like the "Lee" of Leroy and the "Rone" of Tyrone. :-)


hi leerone!

so lovin' your music!

thanx for the super songs here to download an' on your website!

happy happy happy!!! ;)*

luv milli xo

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